Six Month’s And Counting

Holy cow, six month’s to go!

Six month’s from today, I’ll have my back to the Colosseum and facing North. Well, South-West actually as I’ll be heading along the River Tiber to the Vatican first before heading North out of Rome. Un-be-frikin-leavable though!

It’ll be early doors ready to get ahead of the midday heat. I’ll have Georgie and a few others by my side. I’ll have spent a few days in Italy already to acclimatise. I’ll have the power tunes lined up. The GoPro will be fully charged. The 30l backpack will be fully loaded and packed to perfection. And man, I can’t imagine how I’m going to be feeling in that moment as I prepare to take those first few steps on this 1250 mile running adventure.

Can you tell I’ve been doing a little visualisation?

These past few months I’ve been steadily increasing my training hours, running further distances with the loading pack, running with a weighted vest on the odd occasion (thanks JB), focusing more on my core strength in the gym, nursing a little twinge in my knee with the support of a few physios, paying more attention to my nutrition (without obsessing too much about it) and generally working through the motions to get ever closer to feeling ‘game ready’.

Mentally I feel in a solid place. I’m resting really well and taking off any unnecessary external pressures surrounding the whole adventure. The sleep couldn’t be better and I’m just feeling blessed to be in the calm and collected place I am.

The CALM team have been amazing behind the scenes; spinning ideas as to how we can best prepare for the whole challenge mentally and to ensure that we’re maximising the chances of me resting well each day (with sleep being a major component towards keeping me on the level). And as from the support from my family & friends, you guys included… well, I couldn’t ask for a better Dream Team supporting me behind the scenes.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking a real breather as Mrs K and I head off for some way overdue time together in South America. We’re talking minimal screen time and complete R&R as both of us practice being completely in the moment together and recharging ahead of all that’s to come over the course of this year. Ooo it’s all very exciting!

For now girls & boys, thank you all for your support to-date and let’s look forward to blowing the mother-flippin-roof of this thing on my return and as the clock ticks down to Rome!

With love.

DK x

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