One Thing At A Time

‘One thing at a time Dan, one thing at a time.’

I’ve been hearing this a lot recently, and rightly so.

With Rome To Home being my first adventure of this scale, and with time ticking down fairly rapidly, there’s a tonne to think about and prepare. There’s the training, the route planning, the kit reviews, the product testing, the budget, the PR, the awareness, the fundraising, the blogging, the home-life, the day job… I could go on.

But we only have so much bandwidth right, something which I was reminded of at 3am last night when I woke to floods of tears (yep, mine) as I balled my eyes out and dreamt of my dear ol’ Gran reminding me to take a breath and keep things as simple as possible. No kidding. It’s amazing how your body processes such a build-up of tension and anxiety, and hey it’s no secret you can get a little emotional from time-to-time with the Bipolar package.

I’ve been here before though guys and I’ve got this.

With 5 months to go before I set off from the Colosseum, I’ve been reminded to take stock and realise that I’m in a good place. I’ve got all the foundations in place, I couldn’t be any better shape given the time I’ve had, I’ve got an amazing support network around me and actually if I had to start this little running adventure tomorrow I’m confident I could give it a great shot.

So what’s the plan? What do I need to do to shift from trying to squeeze too much in to making sure I’m looking after my own mental health between now and August?


I lost sight of this little nugget recently and it’s amazing how such a simple tool can be such a game-changer when taking on a project of this scale, and who was I kidding that just ploughing on and being reactive to everything would turn out for the best. That right there folks is a recipe for disaster. So I’m back to the game-plan, I’m breaking things down, I’m simplifying, I’m decompartmentalising, I’m gleaming support from close family & friends and most of all, I’m breathing. And you know what, this is all part of the adventure.

With love.

DK x

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