How You Doing? No, Really

How you doing? No, really. How are you doing?

Since I’ve gone live with Rome To Home, the response has just been amazing, but not in the way you may expect.

If you put an adventure like this out there, you’ll be amazed by the amount of support that gravitates towards you in the form of contacts, kit offers, training tips and professional advice etc. But besides that, something far more humbling, is the amount of people who connect with your story and open up to you about (in my case) their stories of struggle, discomfort and overwhelm.

I’ve had close friends & family tell me more about their struggles than ever before. I’ve had life-long friends sharing their anxiety issues which I never knew existed. I’ve had new acquaintances share their deepest darkest fears with me and I’ve had complete strangers telling me ‘I’ve never shared this with anyone but…’, all of which is just such an honor to hear.

Each of these interactions have completely re-affirmed everything I’m setting out to achieve with this adventure – to get these stories told, to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues, to raise awareness of the shear magnititude of silent suffering going on out there, to get people talking about mental health (particularly guys), for people to know that it’s OK not to be OK and ultimately to show others that we can absolutely life life to the full with the right love, support & professional guidance in place.

This is what it’s all about guys, and if this blog & Rome To Home plays it’s part in achieving much more of the above, then it will all have been worth it.

Talking of this blog, what you won’t get from me are empty blog posts or churning out content for content’s sake. Instead, what you can expect are timely posts packed full of truth & warmth & empathy & vulnerability & trust & care & concern & light & love. Oh so much love! Because here’s the thing guys, I have ‘been there’, I have wanted to end my life on a number of occasions, I have been tested and I hope that the things I’ve learnt over the past few years can really add value to to the lives of anyone suffering out there, wherever they or you are on the spectrum.

And this is a two-way thing. I’ve got a 1001 topics to share with you all, but I’m going to need you to keep me posted on what you’re most interested in the most. Is it the adventure planning,? My kit list? More of my story? How I got through the dark times? Whether or not I still struggle with my mental health (which is ‘absolutely & always’ by the way)? Are you curios about my medication? My daily rituals? Or have you got some other burning questions in mind? Whatever you’d like to know more about, give me a shout on social media. You know where to find me.

How does that sound? No, actually, here’s the better question for now; how you doing? No, really. How are you doing? I’d really love to know.

With love.

DK x

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