Time To Rally My Dream Team

Right guys, it’s time to rally my Dream Team! You ready?

If you’re reading these words then there’s a good chance you either know me already or have just heard about this little self-supported running adventure I’m taking on. Either way, you’re a frickin’ rockstar for being here and checking out what I’m up to!

Over the coming months – from this moment on in fact – I’m calling on as many of you as possible not just to get on board with my journey and the big ‘Why’ behind the adventure, not just to Donate to my efforts if you’re feeling generous, not just to consider running & fundraising alongside me when I get back to the UK (more on that to come), not just to join me on my dedicated Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels if that’s your thing, not just to shout from the rooftops about Rome To Home between now and August 25th (my start date)… but to also keep an eye out for me.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over these past 5 years, it’s that you can’t take on the world by yourself if you’re looking to go places. It’s just not possible, particularly so with Bipolar. Instead, it’s all about all about surrounding yourself with people who are much smarter than you are, have your back no matter what and have the confidence to tell you when things seem a little off… which I’m giving you all the license to do.

If I seem a little buzzy, tell me. If I seem a little quiet, let me know. If my words seem a little ‘out there’, just sit with them for a while and see if I bring them back down to earth. If my video edits aren’t making sense, leave a comment. And if you’re worried about hurting my feelings, don’t be. In 2012, by default, I had to start again and strip away any ego, quickly learning that your friends & family only have your best interests at heart when they’re dishing out their concerns and words of wisdom, and it’s rarely (if ever) personal. So go for it!

What I’d love is for all of you to feel as though the success of Rome To Home is your achievement as much as mine. What I’d love is for all of you to feel as though you’ve  come along on this journey with me, from start to finish. What I’d love is to have as many of your gorgeous people with me when I reach the London Eye towards the end of October, celebrating our efforts together! And besides all that, what I’d really love is to make it home with a clean bill of mental health having blown the roof off my fundraising efforts for my partner charities.

If you haven’t heard already, I’m frikin’ proud to be working with the incredible team at CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) who work tirelessly to raise awareness about male suicide in the UK & to keep men alive by talking. These guys are making a tonne of noise in the charity world and our combined missions couldn’t be more aligned as we both set out to support others (particularly men) to get their lives off the ropes. When I’m crossing the Alps however, you’ll also hear me raving about one of the UK’s most innovative lifestyle-sport charities Snow-Camp, who change the lives of inner-city young people through snowsports and who I’ve been privileged to be a part of  for over 5 years. Now that’s got some great synergy to it don’t you think?!

So the way I see it Dream Team is that I’m just the messenger. I’m just the guy at the sharp end who’s representing all of you who are rallying around me. I’m just the guy who has to put one foot in front of the other whilst you guys are smashing it back home – spreading the word, telling all your friends, preparing to run with me when I’m back on home soil, and if nothing else starting a conversation about your own mental health if you’re not really feeling it right now, which is what this is all about.

Sound good? You with me? I knew you would be. Let’s start having some fun!

Shake & Bake.

DK x

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